Favourite Vegan/Fitness Youtubers

When you’re newly vegan/newly into fitness, it can be very daunting and overwhelming. Sometimes, you really just don’t know what the best route to take will be. It can be really useful to have people who have been through it already, people who know what they are doing and have gotten results that you want to, to take inspiration from. One thing is really important though… you have to listen to YOUR body and YOUR body alone. Some people will tell you about high carb/low-fat, some people will tell you about high fat low carb. Some vegans smash in the protein and some vegans barely touch the stuff. You can find raw til 4 vegans, fully raw vegans, bodybuilding vegans and so on. There is no correct diet and NO FOOD IS BAD. There will be some trial and error, but I honestly find the best way to eat is listening to your body and eating intuitively. Our body is pretty good and telling us what we need, and if you really, properly, listen to your body, you’ll get everything you need from a vegan diet. E.g. craving pizza and fried foods? you’re probably not eating enough fat in your diet. Feeling sluggish and light-headed? Eat some carbs. ALL FOOD IS GOOD FOOD. Even the process, delicious fake chicken nuggets you lovingly pour out of a box, into the oven whilst frozen. Even the deep-fried mushrooms that you’re tearing yourself away from. You have to satiate your mind and your body and that means nourishing yourself physically and mentally. That being said, if you have certain goals you want to achieve, like weight loss or building muscle, you’ll definitely have to tweak your caloric / protein intake, but that is okay. You don’t need to demonise food groups or restrict your intake, just focus on the best thing you can give your body for your physical/mental health. Fitness should not be about making yourself ‘thin’ or ‘skinny’ but helping you feel better and achieve those goals, be it running a marathon or squatting 100kg.

I thought it would be really useful to compile a list of my favourite youtube accounts for amazing vegan recipes and great fitness inspiration.

Anyway, without further ado, here are my favourite vegan youtubers or fitness youtubers.


Hot for Food


Cheap Lazy Vegan






Avante Garde Vegan



Naturally Stefanie

Capture.PNGChelsea Lifts


Grace Fit


Jon Venus



Natacha Oceane


Revie Jane


Nikki Blacketter



Okay, so these are favourites… what about yours? If you have any recommendations for a vegan/fitness journey, pop them in the comments down below!

Peace, love and hugs xo


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